Frequently Asked Questions


All up to date prices are listed in the app.

We currently operate in Tønsberg, Bergen & Kragerø

If you experience any issues with the app and unable to end your ride please send a report by pressing the “?” icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

Thus, you will not be charged until the trip has ended in the app and we can adjust the payment before the ride is complete as we will attend to your issue immediately.

Additionally, any trip has a max charge and we can refund any excessive deductions so you do not have to worry if you encounter any problems.

A Citi Ride Pass allows you to ride for as much as you’d like. All rides should not exceed 30 mins at a time. You will find more about this in our app, or in our T&C’s

  1. Day’s pass is valid for one day.
  2. Week’s pass is valid for 7 days and renews automatically
  3. One month’s pass is valid for one month and renews automatically.

You can cancel your subscription in our app under your profile. If you can not cancel please kindly call us or send an email immediately.

No, this is strictly forbidden.

Helmets are strongly recommend  for your own safety. If you don’t have one, you can order one in our shop.

No, this is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

We highly recommend making a report directly in the app as they will always be prioritized over any other support methods. If you do wish to send us an e-mail you may do so by sending an e-mail to and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

We currently provide support in Norwegian/English.

Please make sure your telephone number is correct and can receive SMS messages.  Remember to write in the cuntry code correctly. If the problem persists, please contact support.


You can end your trip anywhere you want inside the service zone! Thus, all the green zones.  You can not end your ride in all areas marked red. (Red Zones)

Always make sure to  park your e-scooter responsibly. This means keeping pathways clear by placing the e-scooter  near designated bicycle racks.

Please make sure you kick the e-scooter forward for a while to gain momentum . Then use the throttle. If it does not please kindly send us a report and we will assist you remotely. You will not be charged.

If you face any problems connecting to the e-scooter, please kindly check if the bluetooth on your device is turned on. Try restarting the app and make sure your internet connection is working properly while standing next to the e-scooter. Make sure you have the latest  app update(s) and a good working mobile device/phone. If the problem continues, please report the issue.

Always try to ensure that you have a fully charged mobile phone before starting a ride. If your phone turns off, the app will not recognize that. In order to end your trip, please kindly recharge your phone.


Simple as ABC, just add your credit card or debit card and you’ll be charged automatically when you end your ride. You can also top up your account in the app. You will also be rewaded with free credits every time you top up your account.

We always deduct 1kr from your card to validate your payment method. This amount will be added to your credits for your next ride.

A charge of 100kr will be made to verify new users to prevent misuse. This amount will be converted to credits which you can use on your future rides

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