How to ride safely

Please kindly read carefully to ensure proper use of our rental scooters, your own safety and others’.

Using A Helmet

Citi Ride strongly recommend that you use a helmet when riding our e-scooters for your own safety. If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one here.

How to start a ride

Download CitiRide App in App Store or Google Play. Then scan the QR code on the scooter to start.


Place one foot on the scooter board and use the other foot to push and gain momentum. Then place both feet on the scooter and use your right to acceleration level for speed. Please be responsible. Do not use your mobile phone whilst riding. Do not ride with one hand. Do not tandem ride!

Traffic And Rules

Always follow the traffic rules and ride in bicycle lanes where marked

Service zones

Our service zones are marked in green (green zone)
and non-service zones are red (red zone).

Please only ride in the service zones. If you happen to end up in a non-service zone you will be alerted and have to ride/push back the scooter to a green zone


Kindly park the e-scooter on designated parking spots only, if available in your city. Do not block the road. You will not be able to end your ride until the scooter is parked properly. Park responsibly.

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